Mini-friend Noah 2020 (DELIVERED FROM MARCH 23)
Mini-friend Noah 2020 (DELIVERED FROM MARCH 23)

Mini-friend Noah Paola Reina 2020



Noah is a doll of the black race, with long Afro hair collected in a tail high. You saw a set of fresh and summer desmangada blouse and skirt embroidery English white shoulder bag of jute, white ballet shoes and a ribbon with a loop for the head. Not enough in this Miniamiga from Paola Reina, 21 cm tall, made of vinyl 100% free from phthalates and vanilla. Automatic transfer special available to service starting on March 23.SENT STARTING FROM MARCH 23

Height of doll
21 cm
Altura de los muñecas
De 21 a 25 cm
Tipo Muñeca
Muñecas Maniqui
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