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    His favorite animal (have you seen the fish costumes? And the flamingos?) Is in Diversal, your online costume store . Also the magical characters of stories, the mushrooms, the elves and the nymphs. Of course, professional costumes cannot be absent: astronaut, chef or scientist can be a great choice. Perhaps it is time to rewrite the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, with a cute cub that will also be very warm at Carnival. Let's not forget that Carnival is in February and, although we love the Arabian Nights Carnival costumes , the truth is that plush costumes are much more practical, those that cover the entire body with warm fabrics or even incorporate hood to complete the costume. They will wear them as comfortable as pajamas. Bear, lion, Dalmatian, rabbit or donkey have no rival as warm and warm costumes, but not only animals are winter costumes : rocket, astronaut, eskimo, swat or police costumes too. All of them, with long sleeves, allow you to wrap yourself even more under the costume.


    Babies will be there to eat them in costumes that are very simple to put on and comfortable for them, such as rompers or divers. Some baby costumes consist of a bib with a head piece. If you just show your body a little bit in the car, you will also see them dressed up, and for parents it will be very easy to dress them for this Carnival. Tasty ice creams and non-prickly cacti are some of the sweet costume proposals for the little ones, but we also love strawberry, flower, lion or Sevillian costumes.

    When they start walking, the possibilities multiply. If you don't have the time or ability to think about homemade costumes, don't worry because we have very original costumes with all the quality, well made and with multiple details. It could not be otherwise since we only have the best manufacturers of Carnival costumes, Halloween costumes and, ultimately, for all occasions.

    And, if you want to dress up the whole class or nursery, do not hesitate to ask us about our group prices, we will apply discounts so that all babies or children are ideal with their identical costumes.


    When Christmas or a birthday arrives, it is easy to get carried away by the moment and end up with over-gifted children, with an excess of things that they have asked or not asked but that, in short, they do not know how to value. They end up playing with the boxes, or opening gifts systematically, without much illusion. Psychologists and pedagogues recommend that we be very cautious when choosing what to give to children, and that we extend to family and friends the rule of the four gifts: it is enough with a gift that makes you very excited, an educational gift that serve in their learning, an experiential gift and another educational gift, equally exciting and with which they do not stop playing, such as a costume.

    Let the party begin!

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Carnival is our favorite party, we enjoy dressing up and that is why we love being able to offer you the best selection of 2020 carnival costumes . If Carnival is also your great moment, you are in the right place, because Diversal is the perfect online costume store. Here you can find new and different proposals for any Carnival parade or party. If you are looking for original costumes, browse the different subcategories: costumes for adults, costumes for children and babies, and masks and accessories. Don't forget the costume accessories, they are the icing on the cake ;-)


Do you already know who you will be this year? Changing your personality for a few days can be a lot of fun, whether it is embodying your favorite comic character, the superhero or superheroine who has always inspired you, dressing up as the protagonist of the series that you like the most, or becoming a totally different person. with a humorous or ironic point, why not?

If you have nostalgia for the 90s, we have for you Goku, Vegeta or Doraemon costumes, very authentic. Relive with them the fun of the years when cartoons were the big hit. If you're from the 50s, Danny and Sandy, or the 70s, and you miss sideburns and bell bottoms, you've come to the right place. The costumes that remind us of a certain time (and also the historical and medieval ones) are cheap , very elaborate costumes that make us teleport in time.


You will love the latest novelty, the costumes that simulate being made up of two parts, whether they are two people, a person and an animal or a person and an object: dress up on the back of an elephant, an angel, a red bull, a unicorn or a witch, fantasy is assured. You will also like costumes that simulate being in a roller coaster car. Look for our Ride-on costumes and you will not have to worry about adding any more accessories, you will be ideal! This type of costumes is also ideal for groups, since they are costumes with more volume; imagine a stampede of people riding a herd of alpacas or bullfighters on the shoulders of their most fervent followers.


Hilarious! Your favorite drink, now turned into a disguise. Choose between the red wine bottle costume, the Uncle's cousin bottle costume (Pepe), the Jager bottle costume (watch out for the shots !!), the cassalla bottle costume, the beer bottle, or of beer mug. This round is paid !!

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